I’m a photographer with a coincidental last name that paved the way for my passion. I’m also a writer, social media content marketer, outdoor enthusiast and rescue pet advocate—among other things.

I’m currently living in sunny Hermosa Beach, California after spending my entire life around various parts of Florida. In early 2018 I made the move out west in search of mountains and desert, careful not to leave the ocean behind.

As a kid, I watched my dad take photos and videos with these giant, clunky cameras, and I was always fascinated by them and how they worked. We used to joke that we were born to be photographers (my last name “Camara” translates to “camera” in Spanish), and I grew to embrace photography as part of my identity. Through high school and college, I would spend my free time after class alone in the darkroom, printing photos and wearing my developer-stained clothes with pride.

After graduating from the University of Florida (go Gators!) with a degree in Advertising in 2015 and adopting my rescue pup, Wiley, I discovered I had an immense love for traveling and being in the outdoors. I reveled in hiking unseen trails and exploring new places, capturing it all through my lens and bringing Wiley along for the ride.